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The Battle for Fulda Gap, 1985

Game Design: Paul Rohrbaugh
Graphics Design: Ilya Kudriashov

Two, 11" by 17" maps | 112 double-sided, un-mounted counters. | One Playwer Aid Card | One, 8 page Rules Booklet

Warrior Kings Campaign Series, Volume 3
Alfred the Great

Game Design: Mark H. Sheppard
Graphics Design: Bruce Yearian

One, 11" by 17" map | 186 single-sided, un-mounted counters. | Three Battle Boards | One Playwer Aid Card | One, 8 page Rules Booklet

The Battle of Cantigny
May 27-31, 1918

Game Design: Paul Rohrbaugh
Graphics Design: Antonio Pinar Pena

Two, 11" by 17" maps | 176 double-sided, un-mounted counters. | One Player Aid Chart | One,
10 page Rules Booklet
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