NEMESIS: The Battle of Abbey Ardenne

June 7, 1944

The battle of Abbey Ardenne was marked by a level of ferocity and savagery that would be continued for the rest of the war whenever these combatants met. The massacre of Canadian prisoners by the SS, who viewed such measures as rather common-place when they fought on the Eastern Front, was never forgotten or forgiven by the Canadians.

The conduct of the fanatical 12th SS Hitlerjugend unit made it very clear what the war on the western front would become, and what the stakes were in this conflict

Game contents:
8½" x 11" map | 52 single sided unit counters and markers | One Player Aid Card | One rule book

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Contributors to High Flying Dice Games: Paul Rohrbaugh, Tim Allen, Antonio Pinar Pena, Nils Johansson, Perry Moore, Pieter-Jan deWilde, Roberto Chiavini, John Theissen, Mark H. Sheppard and Pierre Razoux

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Warrior Kings Campaign Series, Volume 2

Ivar the Boneless the Great high King of the Vikings is dead, killed in Ireland in 873AD and his Lothbrok kin, Halfdan and Ubbe had traveled north to fight the Picts and the Britons of Strathclyde, And then to Ireland, to reclaim the land lost by Ivar. This left Guthrum and his fellow Kings Anwend and Oscetel to mount another attack on Wessex. What kind of plan had Guthrum hatched?

The game commences with the Vikings, after hearing about the death of Halfdan in Ireland, have arranged a truce with Alfred at Wareham. Hostages have been swapped and Ale drunk. The Saxons are returning to their farms and villages, the smell of treachery is in the air…

Game contents:
11" x 17" map | 286 single sided unit counters and markers | One Player Aid Card | One, 8-page rule book

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The next game expected to be released in June is Blood and Carnage. This game focuses on the Battle of Komosomolskoye which occurred in March 2000. This battle between Russian forces and Chechen rebels. The outcome of the siege was considered a major disaster for the Chechen rebels. Komsomolskoye was completely destroyed by the bombardment. The village, described by one journalist as "looking like a pile of shattered matchsticks—not a single building was left intact," was strewn with rotting corpses and wrecked T-80 tanks and armoured personnel carriers.

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September's Eagles

The first Thompson Trophy contest was a six lap race about a course marked by three pylons. As planes became increasingly more powerful and fast, and the numbers of attendees grew by thousands each year, the length and challenge of the race also increased. Nearly each year the number of pylons and size of the race course, as well as the number of laps, were increased. The risk and toll on planes and pilots also rose. From the very first in Cleveland, air racing was marked as the most dangerous of all sports.

September's Eagles recreates the excitement of the Golden Age of Air Racing. The game is for 2-4 players with an Action Card Deck using interactive play to fly the airplanes and wreak havoc among the other players.

Game contents:
54 card Action Deck | 33 Pilot Cards | 36 Plane Cards | 22" x 34" racing map | 36 Plane tokens and various game markers | 16 page Racing Program | 20 page illustrated Rule Book | 4 Player Mats

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