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The first the Thompson Trophy contest was a six lap race about a course marked by three pylons. As planes became increasingly more powerful and fast, and the numbers of attendees grew by thousands each year, the length and challenge of the race also increased. Nearly each year the number of pylons and size of the race course, as well as the number of laps, were increased. The risk and toll on planes and pilots also rose. From the very first in Cleveland, air racing was marked as the most dangerous of all sports.

September's Eagles recreates the excitement of the Golden Age of Air Racing. The game is for 2-4 players with an Action Card Deck using interactive play to fly the airplanes and wreak havoc among the other players.

Game contents:
54 card Action Deck | 33 Pilot Cards | 36 Plane Cards | 22" x 34" racing map | 36 Plane tokens and various game markers | 16 page Racing Program | 20 page illustrated Rule Book | 4 Player Mats

Two 11" x 17" maps | 160 single-sided unit
counters| One Refenece Sheet | One rule book

The Glory that was Greece is a series of games depicting several battles from the ancient world. The games are introductory in level and complexity, designed for fun and competitive play, while also depicting the history of the battles.


Two 11" x 17" maps | 270 double-sided unit
counters | One rule book

ONE SHOT AWAY: Lam Son 719 is an introductory level the first major offensive waged by the Army of the Republic of South Vietnam (ARVN) outside of its borders.


One 8½" x 11" map | 31 doublee-sided unit
counters | One 2 page rule book

GREYHOUND VS. BEAR: The Raid on Astrakhan is an introductory level mini game on the German Raid on Astrakhan in September of 1942 by the German 16th motorized division. The game features graphics by artist Tim Allen.



"Bloody Hell is a bloody impressive game"Richard Martin, Armchair General

"The game (Bloody Hell) has components to match MMP or any other publisher..."– Simon Lestrade, Lestrade Gaming Blog
"The game (Test of Mettle) is well executed and looks very professional."– Hans Korting

Each game comes with die cut counters and professionally printed maps!
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To enhance YOUR play of many of our fine games, sets of cards designed exclusively for each game have been created by Tim Allen and Antonio Pinar Pena.

We are pleased to announce that both Pieter-Jan de Wilde and Perry Moore have submitted several designs for publication through Perry has had several games released through other game companies over the years. These are some interesting designs!

We are pleased to announce that Roberto Chiavini has submitted several designs for publication through Roberto has had several games released through downloads over the past few years. He has some interesting designs that are quick playing and have a limited space needed on a table to play. Feel free to check out our Game Development page to see some of the exciting designs which will be coming from Roberto!

We're making permanent the free (inside USA) or a third off (outside USA) postage for any order of 4 or more games that includes at least one Professional Edition Game (Bloody Hell or Test of Mettle). This will be in addition to the free minigame or single-deck cardset (except City of Confusion) such an order qualifies for as before.
The rules for the Blitzkrieg in the West System can now be downloaded in French. It is located here.
Test of Mettle Review

Video Reviewer, Marco Arnaudo has posted an online review of one of our first Professional Editions, Test of Mettle: Three Battles from the Allied Campaign in the Lorraine. Be sure to check out his comments and see the game!
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Fighting Eagles Review

Video Reviewer, Marco Arnaudo has posted an online review of one of our most popular games, Fighting Eagles: Air-to-air Combat in 1918! Be sure to check out his comments and see the game!
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Fox's Gambit Review

Video Reviewer, Marco Arnaudo has posted an online review of one of our most popular DTP titles, Fox's Gambit: The Battle of Gazala. Be sure to check out his comments and see the game! Click here!

The Reviews are Coming In!

Our games are being reviewed in many places! Besides the video reviews posted here, be sure to see what game got an Armchair General Score of 91%!
Here is the review by Patrick Baker of 2013 Consimworld Gold Level Game,
Death Before Dishonor here.

Also, in Paper Wars, a review of
Fighting Eagles by Doug Murphy. A PDF of the review can be downloaded here.

Here is anothe review from the Armchair General on our game Reign of Missiles which received an 84% score

Roberto Chiavini’s Age of Dante got a positive review by Sean Stevenson on the Armchair General’s website here.

Two very nice video reviews of A Reign of Missiles (part 1 and 2 of one review) by Jason Young can be found here on BGG here and here.

A very positive review by Hans Korting, albeit in Dutch, for Thunder Gods was published in issue 18.2 of Spel! gaming magazine.

Another very in-depth and positive review by Rick Martin, this time of Fox’s Gambit: The Battle of Gazala, was published on the Armchair General’s website here.

A very positive and enthusiastic review (91% rating!) by Patrick Baker of Death Before Dishonor: The Battle of Santiago Harbor was just published on the Armchair General's website here.

Issue 77 of Paper Wars includes a very enthusiastic and thorough review by Doug Murphy of Fighting Eagles

Six Days of War was the subject of an in-depth and positive review by John Burtt in issue 7 of Battles magazine.

Bloody Hell is the subject of another very in-depth and enthusiastic review by John Burtt. It will be published in issue 8 of Battles magazine.

A Bloody Business: The Battle of Hue (re-released as City of Confusion with new splendid new graphics by Nils Johannson) was the subject of yet another in-depth and very positive review by Rich Erwin in issue 71/72 of Paper Wars.

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